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Helicopter Students

What our past customers say about helicopter pilot training with Midwest & Charlie Duchek:

Karl Blum

Charter Pilot & Helicopter CFI, CFII
Galesburg, IL

"I started my helicopter training with Midwest and obtained my Private, Commercial and CFI there. Their training was excellent and I was well-prepared for the teaching environment. I recommend and encourage anyone interested in helicopter flying to use Midwest Aeronautical."

Mike Montgomery

VP, Sales - Pruett Medical
St. Louis, MO

" I have been flying with Midwest for almost two years. I have found all the flight instructors to be very professional and concern for safety is the number one priority. Everyone at Midwest is there because of their love for flying and not just a job. This comes through in their attitude and daily approach to instruction without regard to the rating you may be working on. Everyone is treated with respect."

Ernest H. Geballe

Deputy Sheriff
Kenosha, WI

"I chose Midwest because of the outstanding instruction, service, and professionalism I found there. The expertise and depth of knowledge of the staff motivated me to drive many hours to train with such a high quality organization. I earned my Private certificate with the confidence that I was being trained by instructors who were not only experienced, but who also possessed the often overlooked ability to teach. I recommend Midwest Aeronautical to anyone interested in learning the art of vertical flight."

Dan Triska

ASEL / AMEL, Instrument-Airplane, Rotorcraft-Helicopter
Owner, Triska's A Touch of Class Catering Co.
St. Louis, MO

"I made the transition from Fixed wing to Rotorcraft / Helicopter under the instruction of Charlie. This was back in 1996 when Midwest Helicopter was just a pup. At that time Charlie had a Sweet Piper Arrow that I had the pleasure of flying as well. He and the Midwest team create a great learning, progressive and family-oriented environment. I will try damn near anything once, twice if I like it. Flying with Charlie and getting my Helicopter Rating was one of greatest highlights in my aviation journey. Like Charlie used to say, "'It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on'"

Chad Boyd

Director of IT, Interactive Hotel Solutions
Springfield, MO

"Learning to fly a helicopter is a very rewarding, but costly experience. The process of picking the right flight school is the most important decision you will make regarding your flight training. Midwest's instructors are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and really care about your progress toward your certificate. I am 100% satisfied with the training I received from Midwest. Whether it is for a career or personal enjoyment, Midwest can help make your dreams of helicopter flying a reality. I would recommend them to anyone."

Greg Pernoud, DDS

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Festus, MO

"I trained with Midwest Helicopter and obtained my private pilot rating in helicopters. I have been a Commercial, Instrument, and Multiengine airplane pilot for almost 40 years and have many thousands of hours in aircraft. Needless to say, I have seen many, many, flight instructors through the years. The instructors at Midwest were some of the very best I have had the opportunity to fly with. The are experts in giving concise, safe, to the point instruction, knowing exactly where each student is at every point, thereby getting you through the program as fast as could be done safely. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering helicopter training."

Alec Parente

Student Pilot
St. Louis, MO

"A great place to learn how to fly. They are a great group of guys and even better pilots. I wouldn't want to be taught by anyone else."

Brennan Wade

Student Pilot
Marshall, MO

"Midwest Aeronautical is an all-around first-class, full-service operation. Charlie and his staff are the best instructors, mentors, and friends a student or any other heliopter pilot could ask for. They helped me all along the way, from finding financial assistance to ideas for employment. I am still working toward higher ratings and I wouldn't want to do it anywhere else."

Chuck Talent

Owner, Chuck's Bar & Grill
Des Peres, MO

"Charlie and his staff are the best group of instructors I have ever come across. The aircraft are the cleanest and best maintained I have seen. They always take the time to explain a question in clear understandable language."

Ben Welch, MD

Emergency Physician
Danville, IL

"My name is Ben Welch, a fixed wing private pilot with almost 2000 hours total time and with an IFR rating. I fly a Cessna 172 and a Lancair IV P to Hospital sites that I offer my services as an Emergency Dept. Staff Physician. I realized I could reach more facilities, communities without airports, by earning a helicopter rating and purchasing a helicopter. I have gained permission from authorities to build a heliport on my property. Concurrently, I have engaged in taking helicopter training thru Midwest Helicopter at Spirit of St. Louis Airport. The last time I had such a satisfying experience as I am flying the Robinson R-22 Betas (and sometimes the R-44) was when I was building my Lancair. I can't wait for my next lesson!!

"There is just a whole new freedom of flight in flying helicopters! I also can't say enough good things about all the fine, friendly, and professional instructors and instruction I am receiving there. A student is exposed to several instructors but receives most of his / her training with one instructor which I find very effective. I have bonded with Jonathan as that one instructor for me and couldn't be more pleased.

"Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you and I mean every word of it !"

David Bivens

Student Pilot
Dyersburg, TN

"My name is David Bivens I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist. I have always dreamed of flying helicopters. I finally decided to go out and make my dream a reality. I did some research and found Midwest. I went and took an introductory one hour flight and realized I was hooked. I had a great experience at Midwest. The transition from dream to a reality could not have been any easier. Midwest went above and beyond any expectation I had. It was very challenging, but the most rewarding experience of my life."

Joe Houser

Student Pilot
South Elgin, IL


"I just want to express my appreciation to you and your CFI's for the professional training that I received while preparing for my Private Pilot Rotorcraft Certificate. Your staff was always considerate of my hectic schedule, and always made every effort to have an aircraft available when needed. The personalized training that I received focused closely on those areas where I needed improvement, and continuously pushed me to achieve the next level of proficiency as quickly as possible. I have since received my fixed wing add-on through another flight school, and can tell you that Midwest Aeronautical definitely sets the standard for other flight schools to follow."

Kenneth Eubanks

Commercial Pilot, Rotorcraft-Helicopter
Blytheville, AR

"Dear Mr. Duchek,

"Please take a moment to accept my sincere "Thank You" for you and your staff's hospitality and great training. I appreciate the effort you guys put into making helicopter flying easy for everyone: beginners and advanced alike. I think you have a superb staff at Midwest doing a superb job. I have gained a lot of experience during my Commercial preparation and Checkride at Midwest and I'm sure it will serve me well.

"Keep up the quality training and all the good work."

Roger Doyle

Student Pilot
St. Louis, MO

"Charlie Duchek and his staff are the best possible choice I could have made for helicopter flight training. Safety is emphasized throughout and Charlie has the gift of being able to teach all the skills you need to become a proficient, safe, confident helicopter pilot. There is a certain magical feeling to flying helicopters that Charlie and his group are able to impart to all their students. I am a 55 year old jeweler who was fortunate enough to find Charlie, his skills and his patience. I would recommend him to all those who care to 'share the magic.'"

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There is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in the St. Louis, MO area more experienced as a helicopter flight instructor in more makes and models of piston-powered training helicopters.

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